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Head Handle Connector

Makes a great gift        
  • “Arthritis greatly complicates my daily life. Things that were simple parts of my daily routine are now difficult tasks. Bending to shave has become one of those tasks. The Razor Reach has greatly reduced the amount strain and discomfort that shaving brings and I am now able to reach areas that had become impossible.”

    Joan, 67. Naples, FL.
  • “As a New Years resolution, I’ve started hitting the gym again and lower body workouts with a trainer have made my legs really tight and sore, making it difficult to shave. The Razor Reach has been very convenient in allowing me to shave without bending to reach!”

    Kirsten, 22. Chicago, IL.
  • “The Razor Reach has made shaving my back quick and easy. It’s nice not to have to ask my girlfriend to shave it for me. I’m able to reach the more difficult areas without strain.”

    Andrew, 26. Wichita, KS.
  • “Space is an issue in my New York apartment. The Razor Reach allows me to comfortably shave in my stand-up shower with both extension arms. It’s so easy to shave the front and back of my legs, without having to bend over.”

    Jennifer, 28. New York, NY.
  • “I’m seven months pregnant and each day I become more pregnant. It is increasingly difficult to shave. The Razor Reach has become a welcome addition to my daily routine. I am now able to shave comfortably and accurately without straining.”

    Heather, 30. Ann Arbour, MI.